Tenzin Chem 78 (Reg)


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Another truly proprietary creation. We used our Tenzin Kush #4 (Sour OG x 78 LA Affie), the second selection of that breeding. With the addition of our select OGCD78 male, aromas of gas, sour citrus, chem with notes of rosemary and spice was presented in the progeny.


(Tenzin Kush #4 x OGCD78)

Flowering Time

60-65 Days


4-6 oz per plant


Traditional OG structure with XL trichrome encrusted buds. Low leaf to bud ration with medium stretch.

Growing Notes

Best to either cage, stake, or trellis with few toppings.

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Tenzin Chem 78 (Reg)
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