Super Blue Haze (Fem)


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This cut of Silver came to us in eugene in the early 2000s as super special cut of “Silver”, it wasn’t the classic silver haze so we gave it the name silver surfer. This cut boasts high thc, energetic and stimulating experience with heavy notes of cheese, citrus and spice. This combined with the classic Hazy Kush creates a completely covered in trichomes offspring to surely hit the spot especially with its earthy candy citrus but very floral profile.


(Silver Surfer x Hazy Kush)

Flowering Time

66-72 days


4-6 oz per plant


A vigorous grower with multiple branching, low leaf to flower ratio with silver and light purple hues through the stem and flower.

Growing Notes

Best in upright no topping structure, pruning lowers more pushing energy to the top branches

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Super Blue Haze (Fem)
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